Bettery is all about charging everyday performances with the most advanced solutions.

How it started?

Bettery started as the most powerful tool of change: an idea.


An idea from Alexandre Pitta de Abreu. Something he matured with a team of smart, professional, and passionate people.


Engineer at heart, Alexandre’s lifestyle was no different from his counterparts. Working at an international consulting firm, the pressure was big.  Stress began taking its toll and making his mental and physical health unbalance.

Then he decided to do something about it.


He left consulting and traveled to Tanzania to help local communities to improve their conditions. India and Nepal were the next stops. New challenges emerged, namely as he was trekking to the basecamp of Kangchenjunga, the 3rd highest mountain in the world, in a remote region in the Himalayas. Alexandre found out that his body and mind were simply not ready for this task.

All this opened up his mind, showing new dimensions of different things, such as time, community, energy, sustainability, consciousness, choices, future, and ultimately, happiness.


Alexandre realized food was always at the core of most of these issues. What we ingest largely determines our state,  either mentally or physically.


So the idea was born.

What if we could have better nutrition solutions that could help us all reach our daily goals while fulfilling our purpose in life?

Science-backed, plant-based, people-focused solutions for better everyday performance and wellness.


Today Bettery is still this idea. And it will continue to be so.

An idea that inspires products and services. And, most of all, people.

This is how real change happens.

 For a better life.

Bettery is a science-backed company that provides better body and mind performances through innovative nutrition, next-generation personal empowerment and a relentless research & development.

Why we’re here.

We are here to charge a better life.

At Bettery, we see the individual as infinite.

Each of us never ceases to change and evolve, since we are born.

So why not make that journey one of self-improvement and true fulfillment?

We believe we can all be better, perform better, live better. Better living achieved through better choices.

Through innovative plant-based nutrition, powered by scientific knowledge and next-generation personal empowerment.

At our super exclusive Bettery LifeLab, we develop new products that show proven effects in humans, in its final presentation and not a mix of records from isolated ingredients.

We aim to bring advance to nutrition through every product  and service we design.


That’s how see real improvement: Science-backed, human-powered.

Mind and physique balanced together, empowering each person to deliver her or his best according to individual needs and goals.


Better everyday performances that make us go a bit further every step on the way.

Ultimately, towards a better world. And why not? We believe this ultimate journey starts with better selves.

How do we do it.


We pursue a better understanding of the human body and the role of nutrition on its performance, being it physical or mental.

Our science-based approach leads to innovative products and services.

Aiming to be better. And better.

This is the common ground where all our offer is built on.

A quality-obsessed, strict, no compromising attitude towards bullet-proof products, health-wise and performance-related.

Our commitment is to deliver the best products in the industry.

Restlessness as an ingredient? Yessss.

We don’t settle for just good products. Sometimes, we advance. Other times, we fail but always trying again. Until a new idea pops in and we start it all over.

 We believe it’s more about kicking off new roads than it is about just getting to the end of them.

With joy! Oh yeah.

Do you know those days filled with positive energy, goals achieved,

shared with the ones we love?

We work hard so people can have more of these days.

To make these days the rule, instead of exceptions.

Flavorsome, exciting, rewarding, enjoyable days.