Bettery LifeLab is where magic (aka science) happens.

Scientific knowledge and next-generation personal empowerment at your service.

A lab.
A testing ground.
A mission.

Welcome to Nutrition 2.0.

The Bettery LifeLab is at the core of our entire operation.

Our goal is to push the nutrition industry forward, by developing better products and providing superior results. We believe this may only be achieved by implementing rigorous, scientific procedures in every step of the development chain. This is where the LifeLab comes in. Providing the ultimate conditions for Research in the fields of Nutrition and Human Performance. Designed to help people evolve towards a better self.


Bettery Lifelab is made of three main facilities:

. R&D, Quality Control and Safety

. Body Composition and Metabolism Analysis

. Performance Testing


The Bettery LifeLab is where skillful and passionate people operate state of the art technology to deliver exceptional products and services. All our products are tested on humans to guarantee their safety and applicability.

Our main goal is to guide individuals insofar as improving their daily routines.


Welcome to Bettery LifeLab, where science is a verb. Not a noun.